Neymar leaves training early due to ankle pain | FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Neymar reportedly left in the middle of practice in Sochi, limping due to ankle pain.

- Massive news coming out of the Brazil camp right now, as Neymar limped out of training. For the latest on that, we go out to the camp and this developing story and check in with Fox Sports Brazil reporter José Ilan.

- Well, there's been a lot of concern here at the Brazilian training session in Sochi. In the middle of practice, Neymar left the pitch limping on his right foot, the same he went under surgery just three months and a half ago. The press officer told reporters that Neymar's pain was on the right ankle, not on the foot. And that was consequence of the many falls on him against Switzerland. Brazilian doctor guarantees Neymar will be fine for tomorrow's practice.