Jenny Taft recaps the epic match between Portugal and Spain

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What a match on Day 2 of the FIFA World Cup.

- Could we have asked for a better match-up between two top-10 FIFA-ranked teams? We now have a classic between Portugal and Spain. And the final score, Cristiano Ronaldo 3, Spain 3.

And as you can imagine, the man of the match spoke about his historic performance tonight at the press conference. By the way, he had a hat trick. He's now the oldest player to score a hat trick at a World Cup-- 33 years old 140 days to be exact. And he's also joining an elite club as the fourth player to have scored a goal in four different World Cups. His response about his performance was completely Ronaldo fashion. He said it was a personal best, and it was beautiful.

The other storyline we were following heading into this one was all about Fernando Hierro, how he would handle taking over as the Spanish manager just 48 hours before their World Cup debut. I asked him about it at the press conference, and his response was honest. He said, truly, it was not easy. But the support from top to bottom is what made the difference. And then, at the very end, he grinned and chuckled and said, hey, I never expected I'd be sitting in this place either.

Both teams now have four days to prepare for their next match on Wednesday. And here's to hoping they are all as good as this one. In Sochi, I'm Jenny Taft for Fox Sports.