6th Most Memorable FIFA World Cup Moment: 7 to 1

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Germany eviscerates Brazil on home soil, handing the most successful World Cup nation of all time its most humiliating defeat ever. Germany score 4 of their 7 goals in a 6-minute span in the first half. It is inarguably the single most stunning result in World Cup history.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Memorable moment number six in World Cup history. It is the single most stunning soccer score line ever. 7-1. Germany and Brazil's 2014 semifinal was supposed to be a thriller, but turned into a national humiliation for the hosts. Jeremy scored four of their seven goals in just six minutes with Miroslav close at passing the original Rinaldo at the World Cup's all time top scorer.

Germany at least beat Brazil's biggest rival, Argentina, in the final. But crying Brazilian fans were the viral memes of the summer. The FIFA World Cup begins June 14th on Fox with complete coverage all year long on FoxSports.com.