LAFC vs. FC Dallas | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between LAFC and FC Dallas.

ANNOUNCER 1: Awaiting Jair Maruffo's commands to get us underway. And TAG Heuer, the official chronometer of the MLS, gets us started in Banc of California Stadium.

--handles-- you'll find us, don't worry. If you're watching on Twitter, you're most likely a millennial, aren't you?t The ball right there to Steven Beitashour. This could be 1-0! Steven Beitashour! LAFC, early on, get it to go! And that's 1-0 for LAFC, just like that!

ANNOUNCER 2: --get on an offense. He's onside, appears to be on the replay opportunity. But listen, it's going to be, at the end of the day, a tough angle. And the fact that he has the intelligence to finish that way, crossing completely on Jimmy Maurer is astute, is very smart.

ANNOUNCER 1: And it's going to be recirculated. Now Zeigler lofting the ball in, looking for Mosquera on the turn. Mosquera could be for Dallas!


ANNOUNCER 1: Ciman, goal-line clearance! Fantastic from the captain.

--from the finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's going to get around him well. Ugh. He needs to finish it that way, because Tyler Miller does a good job coming out and shortening his angle--

ANNOUNCER 1: Vela, to the heart of the box. Headed away. Mosquera going up, but the ball was won back by LAFC. Kaye, with a shot. Maurer with a great save.

ANNOUNCER 2: --from LAFC. They've once again pinned back a Dallas team that-- you know what? It starts with Ulloa--

ANNOUNCER 1: --got the meg, but couldn't get it on the other end. Urruti chased down by Kaye.


ANNOUNCER 1: Urruti, good stuff. Going forward, Dallas. Numbers up. Mosquera's open on the left, but he goes with Barrios on the right. Inside of the box, Barrios the shot. The rebound, it's spilled. And it's finally cleared to a corner kick for FC Dallas.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oscar Pareja's side, that's how they want to catch LAFC, on the counter, on the breakaway, quick. Urruti going right. I thought he could have got Mosquera on the le--

10 minutes in the second half. Urruti checks in, wants it. Looked like a foul. Advantage given. Urruti with the shot, yes! Goal-- no, no, no, no, no, no. That's not a goal.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's a great pass, but the move to pull off Laurent Ciman, the turn-- he baits him. He waits for the ball to get to him. Mosquera drives in, and right as he bites, Urruti just turns around and sees all the space he wa--

ANNOUNCER 2: Holds it. Patience. Rossi, inside. No offside call. Omar Gaber is on. Tip of the box. He's in now. Gaber! Oh, so close! Just wide!

ANNOUNCER 1: He will see it. He got a far advantage. Hedges coming in, closing him off, obligating him to hit that cross shot. It's a difficult finish. It's not easy.

ANNOUNCER 2: --really is more in his benefit than in Bob Bradley's LAFC team. He's on the road. Vela-- Vela, on the turn-around! Vela! On the back side of the net.

--from the Mexican international.

ANNOUNCER 1: But check out these defensive errors by both Nedyalkov and Ziegler, allowing Vela to stop, to turn. Ziegler falls down, slips after the whiff by Nedyalkov, who loses a moment in getting there and shutting down the Mexican--

ANNOUNCER 2: --by fourth official Daniel Radford. No. 94 minutes 11 seconds, and that's the end of this one.