12th Most Memorable FIFA World Cup Moment: Roberto Baggio skies it

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Roberto Baggio blasts the decisive penalty kick into the stands against Brazil in the '94 final. It was a stunning fall for the best player of the tournament. And undeservedly the defining image of his career.

WOMAN: Memorable moment number 12 in World Cup history. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just Roberto Baggio's penalty kick from 1994.

OK. That was a little harsh. Baggio was the superstar of World Cup '94, single handedly carrying Italy to the final with five goals. But his decisive penalty against Brazil missed so badly it cemented him as one of the World Cups all time GOATs and not the good kind of goat.

Sorry Roberto. We still love you. The FIFA World Cup begins June 14th on Fox with complete coverage all year long on Foxsports.com.