Atlanta United FC vs. Montreal Impact | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Atlanta United FC and Montreal Impact.

KEVIN EGAN: First whistle from referee today, Hilario Grajeda. And we are underway. Opening kick presented by Mercedes-Benz. Atlanta United returning home from that fabulous victory.

DAN GARGAN: Can guarantee you, if Patrice Bernier's on the field, he's not allowing anybody in attack to shirk their defensive responsibilities.

KEVIN EGAN: It's a wonderful delivery. And it's a great goal for Montreal. Out of nothing, the Impact have taken the lead. And it's a fabulous goal. Taider with the finish.

DAN GARGAN: In between Gressel and Nagbe, ball floats right over LGP's head. That's a great finish from Taider.


KEVIN EGAN: Nagbe. It's a great ball for Chris McCann towards the back post. Excellent save after a deflection. McCann appeals for a hand ball. And has the referee pointed to the spot?

DAN GARGAN: And you see, and this is a great ball in from Darlington Nagbe. Chris McCann standing by himself at the back post.

Chris Duvall with his hand above his head. Clear penalty. He's got no business with his arm above his head. Hilario Grajeda makes the correct call.




DAN GARGAN: Miguel Almiron delivers. He stepped up right away. He wanted it. Not the cleanest, not the best penalty kick take.

KEVIN EGAN: It's Kratz. It's beautiful! Picked it out!


DAN GARGAN: Team talks about his ability to put in a set piece. And you can't save that. That wall is so big. Kevin Kratz puts it where no goalkeeper's gonna get a touch on this.

Right over the wall, up and down, ripples the back of the net. And this Atlanta United team is exactly where they want to be.

KEVIN EGAN: Atlanta United can't keep hold of the ball. It's the Impact. Krolicki gifts it back to Darlington Nagbe.

Now a chance for Almiron to turn, and turn on the jets, as well. It's Miguel Almiron at pace for Josef Martinez. The ball holds up for Miguel Almiron! There it is. The third goal of the game. 3-1 to the Five Stripes.

DAN GARGAN: Up, Raitala, here he floats in, looks to slip Josef in.


KEVIN EGAN: Excellent from Almiron again. It looks so easy. Still Miguel Almiron for the hat-trick! Oh, it's off the post!


Kratz. Oh!

DAN GARGAN: Oh, boy.

KEVIN EGAN: Kevin Kratz does it again.


DAN GARGAN: Wow. Sitting over the top, he pushes Bush the wrong direction. And all he can do is stare as this kisses off the post and into the back of the net.

KEVIN EGAN: Just look at the reaction. Tremendous comeback. Great character from Atlanta United.



And there it is. Hilario Grajeda blows the full-time whistle inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It's seven unbeaten for the Five Stripes. Within that run, six wins and one draw.