90′ in 90″ Chelsea vs. Southampton | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Catch up on all 90 minutes of the FA Cup semifinal between Chelsea and Southampton in just 90 seconds.

STUDIO ANNOUNCER: It's the second of two semifinals in the FA Cup. The winner will play United in the final. Chelsea against Southampton.


GAME ANNOUNCER 1: Hazard, nice turn, good shot. I think Alex McCarthy was 100% certain it was flying over.

--and he uses him. And Willian has a shot, which hits the bar.

GAME ANNOUNCER 2: And once he came back on his left foot, he was always going to try and bend it into that far corner.

GAME ANNOUNCER 1: --had a look, peered around the wall, and got the ball up and over the wall, but up and over the crossbar too.

In towards Giroud. Giroud gets a second chance. He was fortunate to get that second chance, and he couldn't take that one either.

Fabregas, Hazard pulls it down, Giroud, sidesteps two and puts it in! And that was a really well-taken goal from one of the FA Cup's all-time specialist players, Olivier Giroud.

Tadic with the corner. Caballero will look to try and catch that. Austin just bumps into him. Did the ball cross the line? It's going to be a free kick, isn't it? Always looked to likely to be given as a foul of a goalkeeper.

1-0 ahead with only nine minutes to go. And that's a good ball in, and it's a decent header in too! Alvaro Morata, he's not been on the field long, he's barely had a touch of the ball, but that might seal it.

STUDIO ANNOUNCER: A handshake between the two managers. Chelsea booking their place in their 13th FA Cup Final. It is their second-straight appearance in the final of that competition.