Johnny Russell nets nice individual goal for Sporting KC vs. LA Galaxy | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Johnny Russell doubles Sporting KC's lead over the Galaxy.

ANALYST 1: Croizet's in the middle. Steres and Cole there to meet Johnny Russell. He split and Russell is in. What a goal! Johnny Russell doing it himself. Two quick goals for Kansas City in a second straight week. Where the Galaxy are hoping that Zlahtan Ibrahimovic can come off the bench and pull off a miracle.

ANALYST 2: This is a class goal from the Scotsman. Just look how he splits the two defenders. Not the first one. Right here. Just a little deft touch over the foot of Ashley Cole and then the toe poke past David Bingham. This is something Peter Vermes said, he loves to run it. Not just one defender. Two. Three defenders. This time he commits the two--