LA Galaxy vs. Sporting Kansas City | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between the LA Galaxy and Sporting KC.

JOHN: From this game tonight again. It was a bit of a slow burn. It was a slow developing first half. Handful of half chances and a scoreless half.

ANALYST 2: Yeah, and we were saying the first half, it felt like it was starting to open up towards the end. This one Johnny Russell who'd been active throughout that one. The best chances of the first half actually fell to the LA Galaxy. This one from Chris Pontius. Hitting that header off the post. And Ashley Cole gets one from that left back position, where at times he was playing as a left winger. Tim Melia, who was excellent tonight. Made a really key save in that moment right before the end of the first half. And then Sporting KC, unable to clear this one from a corner kick, it comes back in a [INAUDIBLE] area.

David Bingham makes a big mistake here as a goalkeeper. Doesn't get a strong hand on it. Salloi gives them the lead. And then from there Johnny Russell talked about it in his interview after the game. He said, that second one made us feel more comfortable. And this is just all Johnny Russell. He gets the ball. Two against one. Steres, see you later. Ashley Cole, see you later. And then David Bingham, see you later.

And that was 2-0 for Sporting KC. From at which point, they just cruised to victory. And I say cruised because I mean it. Because they never really felt, other than the little half chance, that felt Skjelvic, that the LA Galaxy were going to go on and they were going to win this game. This is a moment Ibrahimovic-- the two times he's come into the game as a sub for the LA Galaxy have been when they've been down two goals. And he showed some flashes. These little touches. Espinosa dives in. He lays that one off to Kamara.

JOHN: Is it very different if this one goes in? Because that was right after he came on that Alessandrini hit the post.

ANALYST 2: And this is what I think we're going to see more of, John. Between Alessandrini, Ola Kamara, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Just the little combination plays that they're going to have together. Because I think Ziggy has to find a way to get them all on the field at the same time.