Philadelphia Union vs. San Jose Earthquakes | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Philadelphia Union and San Jose Earthquakes.

ANNOUNCER: Now time, Tommy, for your Keys to the Game, brought to you by Toyota.

TOMMY SMYTH: Well, they're looking to play balls into space, and hoping that the wingers can run onto them. And of course, they're looking for a clean sheet at home. They've done fantastic here at home--

ANNOUNCER: --kal, room to work in the middle third. Laying that through, looking for David Accam. Accam turns it inside, will find Dockal on his left. And eyed by Tarbell. Real will cross it to the back post. Headed away.

TOMMY SMYTH: --it's Accam, wide out. Takes his man on in the inside, slips it back inside. Dockal with a good--

ANNOUNCER: --19 years young is Trusty. Hoesen tries to play that through to Vako. Has some space around Elliott. Vako, on his left. And derailed by Andre Blake! Auston Trusty was there as well.

TOMMY SMYTH: It's up to the goalkeeper to save you, and that's exactly what happens here. Look at this. Watch the keeper go down now. He plays. He plays. He waits on it, and he puts that right hand out of it. Really well done. Really--

ANNOUNCER: Jungwirth finds Eriksson. There was Trusty. And Hoesen's onside, as Wondolowski, up top, will play this slow for Eriksson. And it's in for San Jose! Magnus Eriksson with his first MLS goal. 1-0, Earthquakes.

TOMMY SMYTH: Yeah, watch this. This ball is played inside. There's absolutely no cover. Look at that. Three of them there. There's three defenders back, all right, but hey, Eriksson just rips a hole in the net with his shot. I mean, that's really well taken. You can see exactly what he wanted to do. But again--

ANNOUNCER: --returns it for Medunjanin. Room here for Real. Will cross this into the back post. There's Picault, and it's saved brilliantly by Tarbell! Chipped across, Picault tries to keep this alive to the near post. Tarbell's there yet again.

TOMMY SMYTH: What's this beautiful ball. Look at Picault coming through here. There's the header--

ANNOUNCER: Sapong. CJ looking for David Accam. Accam walking in on Tarbell. And another stop!

TOMMY SMYTH: There's question about it. He cuts in at the right angle. Watch this. Tarbell makes himself big. Look at where--

ANNOUNCER: Here's the high pressure here by Hoesen on Elliott. Good option there to Bedoya, the captain. Navigates around Godoy. Here's Dockal, who will take the shot. Steered aside by Tarbell.

TOMMY SMYTH: --forces a good save out of Tarbell. Just lines it up onto his right foot. Nobody closed him down, and he just winged a shot in. Looked like a moment--

--just won't go in for the Union. Sapong was inside. Just couldn't get the touch. Here they come again.

ANNOUNCER: Here's Picault. Lima, 1-v-1 on him. Fafa cuts it back on his right, with the chip! There's Bedoya, and the equalizer!

TOMMY SMYTH: Well, we talked about it. You've got to make better use of the crosses. That time, it was perfect, as Bedoya comes, and he dupes [INAUDIBLE]. Picault gets it right this time. Look at that. He takes a lot off it, and Bedoya times it perfectly. It's a beautiful goal. It's the setup they've been waiting for all night. It's been there so many times, and finally, they put it away.

ANNOUNCER: --he can get a distribution here. And he will on the Picault half. Cleared by Lima. Off of Gaddis.

TOMMY SMYTH: It's over.

ANNOUNCER: And that will do it. This one will end up in a draw between the Union and San Jose--