Chicago Fire vs. Columbus Crew SC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew SC.

ANNOUNCER 1: 12 games between these two teams since 2012. Just one Fire win over that span of 12 games. It was this time last year The Fire secured the win, and that was the one game that Columbus was without Federico Higuaín.

Santos and Trapp help Columbus move forward. Pedro Santos, Gyasi Zardes into the area. Left foot! Sánchez the save.

ANNOUNCER 2: When things start, you got to be a little bit better with the ball. Conner loses the ball--

Just see how quick this Columbus team can strike with the pace of Zardes the minute the ball that turns over.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, here's Nikolic pressing, Nikolic stealing, Nikolic scores!


ANNOUNCER 2: Whether we talk about pressing high off the field, forcing those turnovers, you know Columbus is going to play. They're going to stick to that game plan. And I think that this is the Fire they anticipated. They practice this. Great read there by Nikolic, anticipating the play, stepping in, and from there-- listen, he's never going to miss from there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Schweinsteiger lose it and then he has an intense hunger to get it back. He does so, but now tracking back, Martinez, Higuaín slips in! Anticipating the fingertips to it, it looks like Richard Sánchez there on Frederico Higuaín.

ANNOUNCER 2: These are areas of concern though are now for Columbus in transition. You know, Higuaín finds the ball in an excellent spot running through.

ANNOUNCER 1: Frederico Higuaín standing over the ball and off they go here in the second half. Chicago Fire looking for their first win of the season. Pedro Santos backpedaling is Kappelhof. Santos into the area. Hansen the drive, and it's ripped wide of Sánchez's goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: --defeat, and I think he brings another element there with his size through set pieces.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wil Trapp looking for Zardes, brings it down off the crossbar. It's knocked away by Schweinsteiger.

ANNOUNCER 2: Do what. Look at this pass, but more important, this first touch by Zardes was to perfection and then he was so close he over hit that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Allen. Afful. Over the top first Zardes. He could bring it down so easily. Zardes, Abu off the post. Second time Columbus has met the woodwork in the last 10 minutes.

ANNOUNCER 2: There you see it again. Zardes just getting the ball, and then you can just see that ball with the outside of the foot bending away, and this is where the post is the goalkeeper's best friend. Again, just great technical ability here by Zardes to bring that ball down. Under pressure [INAUDIBLE] just bending away. You're almost finding the top corner there but--

ANNOUNCER 1: McCarty spun around. Columbus looking to head to goal again. Santos sprays out wide for Valenzuela. High hanging cross. Santos the left foot. Blasted wide. Santos with a very good look here in the dying minutes.

ANNOUNCER 2: And miss by much, and this is where Santos wants that one back. The ball gets cut back. Not a good clearance. Finds him on top of the box, and I'll tell you what, it's trying to bend that to the back post. That's all. It just plays it on top of the box. Not a great clearance there by Bronico. Comes to Santos. I'll tell you, it's just--

ANNOUNCER 1: Goal kick for Richard Sánchez and the Chicago Fire. Whistle sounds. The first win of the season feels oh so good for the Chicago Fire.