Real Salt Lake vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Real Salt Lake and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

ANNOUNCER 1: And today he tweaks what their starting 11 looks like. 4-4-2 with Mezquida playing off the shoulder of Kei Kamara.

Efraín Juárez such an interesting pickup. The former Pumas, Glasgow Celtic, Club América, and Monterrey defender and midfielder.

ANNOUNCER 2: Silva settling that ball-- Silva-- just over the bar and it took a touch. That'll be a corner RSL. Good effort, Luis Silva from outside the area.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] exceptional in his 1 v. 1 battles. He's never the most comfortable when he gets pulled out wide and--

ANNOUNCER 2: Felipe on the restart-- Rimando out to grab it at the top of the six.

ANNOUNCER 1: --in the middle.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ball driven in. Silva settles, left foot-- yes! Silva!

ANNOUNCER 1: Take another look at the buildup on the right-hand side when this ball-- kind of gets caught underneath the feet of Luis Silva-- manipulates it. That great little chop with his right foot, but he's pulling that ball away from goal. Watch this. Then he recalibrates, goes underneath, clips the heels of Nerwinski, and he's got Marinovic at his mercy. Like stepping on LEGOs inside the 18-yard box. Fantastic goal for Luis Silva.

ANNOUNCER 2: So let's take a look at the available subs and keep in mind that RSL's had a pair of injuries and a pair of subs. Mike Petke has one move left. Carl Robinson, Vancouver, they've got all three of their moves.

Quick restart. No pressure on Davies here. His service in front. And, aw, that was a dangerous moment. And Nick Rimando got out and got on top of that ball.

[INAUDIBLE] the goalkeeper coming together there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Needs help. Got to double down, help him out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Shot from distance, punched away by Rimando. Nick Rimando--


ANNOUNCER 1: There you go. [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 2: Kreilach for Corey Baird-- Baird going to cut it back in front! Yes, Savarino! Back of the net, that should do it. 2-0, RSL, 88th minute.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he absolutely does. What a deft little ball with the outside of his right foot in the space that affords Corey Baird the opportunity to showcase his pace. Watch Damir Kreilach. Feels the pressure, dices through. Watch the ball-- outside of the right foot, perfectly weighted. Corey Baird gets in behind Kendall Watson and picks out Jefferson Savarino.

Puts the bulge in the old onion bag, as Tommy Smyth would like to say. Great goal as Savarino opens up his account. Six goals, five assists last year. Now a goal and assist in 2018.

--movement on the ball. Just buckling all over the place.

ANNOUNCER 2: Kamara and Horst. Brek Shea, and there goes the shutout, Brek Shea, back of the net. He gets the goal, and it is now 2 to 1.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, they're asking for-- or was it handling of the ball? In the buildup to the play, was there a hand ball? That's what the coaching staff for Real Salt Lake is asking in the fourth official.

Well, they're going say that ball inadvertently had come off Kei Kamara.

ANNOUNCER 2: And the fans waiting for the whistle to be blown. Sunny back for Brooks.


And there is the whistle, and it is over. And RSL doesn't get the clean sheet, no shutout, but they get the full 3 points at home with a 2-1 victory.