90′ in 90″ Sevilla vs. Bayern Munich | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action from the first leg between Sevilla and Bayern Munich in just 90 seconds.

- --on the five times winners, eliminated by Spanish clubs in each of the last four seasons.

- Ben Yedder--



- And we'll get a little bit furious now. And what's going on? This is getting--

- Ben Yedder has been pushed over.

- Played in there, he's taken out. Nice little turn there and then he's taken out.


- The atmosphere has been crackling from the start. Both teams have shown their irritation. A yellow card has been produced for Franck Ribery.

- Escudero, getting away from Muller. Bernat's in trouble. And Sevilla have gone in front. Pablo Sarabia!

James Rodriguez, quick to be involved. Helped on by Rodriguez. Oh, it's beaten the goalkeeper at the near post.

- Oh, yeah. Big deflection, can't blame the goalkeeper for that. Oh, that was a deflection.

- Correa-- Vazquez-- fantastic recovery by Javi Martinez.

- That's wonderful defending.

- He's gone by Ribery. Javi Martinez is unmarked if they can find him. It's Martinez. It's a wonderful save by David Soria.

Ribery-- and this time Sevilla have switched off at the back.

- Another deflection. Look, it is. Head is down, there's the touch. Not a chance for Soria again.

- But it is advantage to Bayern going into the second leg. Two away goals, they will be crucial and so important for Bayern.