Colorado Rapids vs. Philadelphia Union | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Colorado Rapids and Philadelphia Union.

ANNOUNCER 1: There he is being closely monitored by the birthday boy, Tommy Swift. Here it comes. Sapong! Not too far away. He can look a bit daft, as well. Third corner kick for the Rapids. A little bit better there, and a wonderful save. Second chance, and it's hooked away. Marvelous save from Andre Blake, who's had nothing to do for 43 minutes.

ANNOUNCER 2: Let's take a look. It looks like-- yeah, he makes one save. Then, look at this. On the ground, it looks like he makes another one. Absolutely fantastic. Look at that.

ANNOUNCER 1: That was Matt Real, actually. I think, it was just behind him. Real was just on the line. Jack Price, then, with corner number four. The out swinger. Met again, back post! Dominique Badji! Two games, two goals, and the Rapids lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Boy, a nice little ball. It comes in here, and we talked to you about it again. There's Tommy Smith flicking that to the far post where Badji was. We saw it last week. Badji couldn't get to it. This time, he can get to it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Strongest. Finds, though, Blomberg with the drive into the body. Badji on his own side, and he's scored his second of the night.

ANNOUNCER 2: But the shot here comes in, Elliott. You can see Badji pulling away. It drops right to him. He's got an open goal. Nice and easy, tucks it away.

ANNOUNCER 1: Looking for Badji. Can Badji make it 3? Is he going to go it alone? Across the goal to Blake. Oh, he has made it 3, you know! The hat trick for Dominique Badji!

ANNOUNCER 2: This ball up perfect. He's taken him inside. One step to the outside, creates enough space, hits the far post.

ANNOUNCER 1: There is the final whistle, and the Rapids have sealed the deal by 3 goals to 0.