Warren Barton: ‘It was men against boys’ in Der Klassiker

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Kate Abdo, Warren Barton and Ian Joy break down Bayern Munich's massive win over Borussia Dortmund.

- It was an absolutely huge day of football in the Bundesliga with Bayern starting off the day with the ability to win the league, wrap up the championship this early in the season couldn't then happen because Schalke got the result that they need. But Bayern, I mean, what a result they pulled off against Dortmund, against arguably their biggest rivals in the league.

- It was an excellent performance. I'd go as far to say that was probably one of the best performances I've seen Bayern Munich put out there for a couple of years. Outstanding in the first 45 minutes, passing, defensively, there were solid, creating in chances, scoring goals. Outstanding first 45 minutes and this sets-- in my opinion, sets the tone for the rest of Europe right now because Bayern Munich have welcomed everybody now to let them all know that they're there for a fight for the Champions League as well as a title.

- I think that you said all the qualities that are shown, but that mental toughness. Now before the game, they're thinking this could be our day. Now we get the trophy. That doesn't happen. So there obviously is a bit of an anti-climax but to start the game the way it did. The way it was high pressing, getting in front of it, Lewandowski was superb with his movement bringing other people into the game.

It was a head and shoulders above the rest. I don't want a decent team. We've seen them enough this season to say, Yeah, there's glimpses of what they can do, and away from home, a good counterattacking. But really, when you look at it, it was men against boys.


- And as far as Jupp Heynckes goes, obviously he's overseen this stability that has now been put into place since Carlo Ancelotti and the issues that they had potentially there. How much do you put down to him? Does this Bayern side even need a coach in some ways? Are they just that good that they would pull it off or is a lot of credit need to go to him?

- I think they've already proven under Ancelotti that they do need to be coached. They need to be coached by somebody that they have respect for. Jupp Heynckes clearly has that with the players. He has that reputation of being able to deal with the players in the correct manner. And the players have responded to him coming back to the club.

What we're seeing now is Bayern Munich, when he left the club, this is a confidence guy. He loves to boost the confidence in the players. You're starting to see the very best from Lewandowski. You're starting to see the best from Joshua Kimmich. You're starting to see the best from James Rodriguez.

And it's down to the fact that Jupp Heynckes is back at the club. How on Earth are they going to be able to deal with him when he's gone? How are they going to be able to deal with this club when he's gone? I think he's there to stay for maybe one more season, especially after a stunning return so far.

- But I think when you say coach these players it's more managing them. Arjen Robben is being coached. He knows exactly, and that was a problem Ancelotti where you give him too much freedom.

I think what the coach has then been able to do is give them a discipline on and off the field. They've responded to that. He's given that belief that they can go and win the Champions because ultimately that's what they want to do. They want to go forward to win the Champions.

It could be the end for Arjen Robben. Lewandowski's been linked about moving. Ribery's getting a little bit. Where it's FDO in midfield too.

This group of players just needs to be managed and say look you've got to pull your socks up, you've got to perform well for Bayern Munich. You know the League is there. You know the Cup's there. Let's go for the Champions League. And he won it last time he was there. He got the treble.

- The treble last time. And what you've witnessed is Bayern Munich say they had little confidence. They weren't happy with the coach. They were six points, maybe five points, behind Borussia Dortmund when he took over the club.

Now they've got such a point gap they can go ahead and win the title next week. And they could potentially win another Treble. Then what happens? I mean it's crazy.

- It certainly is. There's still more to come tomorrow as well. Round 28 of the Bundesliga drawing to a close. With a double header on FS1 for you. Werder Bremen playing host to Frankfurt before Mainz face Borussia Monchengladbach.

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