Christian Pulisic on earning his spot at Dortmund, challenging Bayern Munich

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Christian Pulisic talks to Jovan Kirovski about making his start at Dortmund, his mom's season tickets, dunking a basketball and more.

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Signal Iduna Park.

COMMENTATOR: Kirovski [INAUDIBLE] he scores.

COMMENTATOR 2: Pulisic it's a super finish for the US International.

- What was it like first coming here? You came in the Academy as a kid?

- Yeah. Yeah. I came and started with the under-17 team. And it was hard, man. I mean, just fighting everyday for my spot on that team. And you know, I had so much going on, learning German. I was going to school here. And it was like it was stressful at the beginning. It got much easier.

- When I first came, that was the hard part too. You learn a new language. Being a foreigner, you have to be better than their kids and there's a lot of pressure on-- did you-- you felt that too?

- Yeah. Yeah. Of course. I mean, the kids they don't just like take it easily. You know, you come in. You sign a contract. They-- they don't want, you know, you taking their spots. So they're fighting every day. And it was hard. You know, I had a lot of stuff going on.

- In my time, we didn't have social media. I mean, I never-- the internet. So when you have all this speculation, you've got clubs like Liverpool, the Bayern Munich and do you think about that stuff at all?

- Now, with social media, it's-- it's hard to avoid it now. Because every kid has social media. And I mean, I just kind of block it out as much as I can, to be honest. Most of it's nonsense. You don't really to-- you don't really need any of that, you know, good or bad. You just kind of stay level with yourself. And that's really all that matters to me.

- That wall is amazing. Just coming out in front of it all the time, it's different. Right? You don't see it anywhere.

- No one-- no one can understand that in the US, like what it's like to score a goal in front of that. Like I scored a last minute goal right in front of that. And then you look up at it and they're all going crazy, throwing beer everywhere. And you're just thinking, wow.

- Over the time, you've had some good games against Bayern. Is it just a different challenge? It's always different to play Bayern anyway.

- Yeah. I mean, Bayern's a big team. Of course, it's always fun to play against them. I love to be challenged. This team loves to be challenged. And you know, to play at the highest level, you know, in big games against a big team, there's really nothing better.

I have to talk to Dartman, because the season ticket that I got, the ones like my mom will come and she'll sit. And she's like right behind a bar.

- Really?

- So literally, she'll watch the game.

- She can't--

- All right. Like, let me show you. It's like-- it's like up there on one of the higher ones. So she'll sit. It'll be like this, right in the middle. So she's like-- has to like --

- Those are the seats they gave you?

- She either goes like this or has to go like this.

- They fly all the way-- a long way. They should be in the best seats in the house.

- I couldn't believe. It's so frustrating.

- I saw a basketball court on the right.

- Yeah.

- Is that a real size?

- Yeah.

- There's no way you can dunk that. They told me you dunk there. There's no way, dude.


- Huh?

- Yeah.

- You can dunk?

- I can dunk.

- That's a real 10 foot rim?

- Yeah.

- No chance, dude.

- I mean, I'm pretty positive it's a 10 foot rim.

- Jeez, you're lucky they didn't let us in there right now. I would go play basketball against you.