Giovani Dos Santos on fresh start for LA Galaxy ahead of LAFC clash

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Giovani Dos Santos talks to Rachel Bonnetta about bouncing back from a tough season with the LA Galaxy and more.

- 2017 was probably more of a rebuilding year for LA Galaxy. How are you feeling going into the new season in 2018?

- Well, I feel excited, you know. As you say, last year wasn't a good year for the club, but it's in the past. It's a new page. And we're looking for this season.

- You're playing with your brother all the time now. Are you like, I don't want to see you outside of practice?

- That's why he came here.

RACHEL: To play with you.

- To play with me and to see each other more often. He's living with me right now at the moment and we love each other, so we spend a lot of time together out of the field. So we're just so happy to be sharing this journey together.

COMMENTATOR: It was [INAUDIBLE]. A little low touch. And what a goal that is from Giovani Dos Santos.

- How does it feel for you to score a goal? What's that feeling like?

- It's the best feeling in the world to score a goal. It's just the feeling. I can't describe it with words, but it's just the best feeling to score a goal.