Carlos Vela is excited to face his friend Giovani Dos Santos in the first LA derby

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Carlos Vela explains why he joined LAFC and is looking forward to playing against his friend Giovani Dos Santos in the upcoming LA derby.

INTERVIEWER: So what initially drew you to LAFC?

- Why? Because it was a good project, you know? They call me. They are building a new team, a new stadium.


CARLOS VELA: All new-- it's like a new feeling, you know, because you don't know what would happen in the future.


- It's, like, something new. I want to try to help the team to make a great history. And that's why I'm here.

- Have you gotten any messages from, like, LA Galaxy fans or anything like that that are preparing for you to be their new rival?

- Not really, because it's a lot Mexican fans.


- So the Mexican fan love the Mexican players. So, for the moment, it's all good. We will see when it's close to the game.

- For the moment is the key word.

- Yeah, for the moment.

- Have you guys-- have you been talking to the dos Santos brothers at all? Because you're probably going to be playing them quite a bit.

- Yeah, of course. When I signed here, it was like-- every day it's like, I want to play against you. I want to win against you. It's, like-- it's the most important thing, win Galaxy, because they are there.

INTERVIEWER: Because they're on that team.

CARLOS VELA: Yeah, of course. Because if I lose, I have to-- every day, no, I win. I win. It's-- I don't want this.

INTERVIEWER: Text messages on your phone?

- Yeah, for sure.

- Describe what it is like to score a goal.

- The people expect you to score. So it's my job.


- So when I come to this, I have to score because the fans want me to score and expect a score. So--

- Also, have you tried In-N-Out Burger now that you're going to be living in LA?

- Sorry?

- In-N-Out Burger.

- What is that?

- Oh, my goodness.

- Oh, yeah. I know. I know. I know, the--

INTERVIEWER: You've never had?

- Yeah, one time. Your--

INTERVIEWER: Of course he was the one that introduced you.

- --roommate. Your roommate, yeah. Oh, it's nice.

INTERVIEWER: I'm sure you will be very much acquainted--

- Yeah.

- --with In-N-Out Burger.

- Yeah, for sure. For sure.