Nestor Araujo suffers injury against Croatia | 2018 International Friendly Highlights

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Nestor Araujo suffers injury against Croatia in a friendly.

JORGE PEREZ: Went down is Hector Araujo.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: He's complaining a lot, he's asking for the medical staff to come inside of the field. He looks in pain-- the Santos player. It looks like it's his left knee. It doesn't look good.

RODOLFO LANDEROS: Yeah, Carlos Vela just referred to the bench and he's out. Warming up-- Diego Reyes and Carlos Salcedo.

JORGE PEREZ: And this is another situation--


JORGE PEREZ: --from this angle, I can't determine if the let got stuck--


JORGE PEREZ: --the field.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: It got stuck when he was sliding tackle. The left knee got stuck in the grass and it's probably the knee. The articulation-- we're not doctors and we don't pretend, but with the motion of the articulation you can tell that it's not something light. [INTERPOSING VOICES]

JORGE PEREZ: And Juan Carlos Osorio was clear saying, I know the 23 names in my list, but things will have to move forward. And with time, we will have to determine if somebody is injured, if somebody's level goes down. And these are very bad news for Nestor Araujo, who has been mentioned even to leave Santos and join Chivas. That's--