Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. LA Galaxy | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Vancouver Whitecaps FC and LA Galaxy.

- Yordi Reyna gets things under way for the Caps. And after defeating Atlanta last week, they hope to return to winning ways today at home against the Galaxy. Techera, trying to get it immediately around the back there.

- [INAUDIBLE] really important player for the Galaxy moving forward. Juárez. What a ball from Effie Juárez to pick out Christian Techera. And now Techera cutting inside. Oh, that would have been spectacular. Techera, decking it over the bar.

- Felipe. Yerdi Reyna is onside here. He's one on one with the goalkeeper. It's Yordi Reyna! Bingham, making the initial save. And behind for the goal kick.

- Arce's dropped. I thought Bingham was going to come through, then he stayed in the end.

- Better play from from Whitecaps. Aja let's it bounce, and Boateng in round the back, it's a wonderful chance! And Boateng can't convert. Outsmarting Aja, great save before the big Uruguayan. And then [INAUDIBLE].

- 0-0 just past the hour. It will be Techera!

- Kei Kamara flicking it on towards Christian Steres falling. Kamara might be in here. He steps inside Skjelvik. Wonderful play from Kamara! And Kamara puts it wide. As Bingham was struggling to block the veteran forward.

- Foot round the ball to put it on target. Look at this. Power. Strength. Quality. Presence of mind. Just lacking that finish at--

- Everyone in the box apart from the keeper, Davies, and Nerwinski. Plenty of options in there as it's played across goal. All the way back out towards Kei Kamara! It would have been the perfect ending for Vancouver, but Kamara couldn't hit the target. And it's full time.