Mexico vs. Iceland | 2018 International Friendly Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Mexico and Iceland.

- This game, in which the Icelandic team started taking the initiative, but it was this amazing score by Fabián who started to change the perspective.

- It wasn't even a match until Marco Fabián scored this first goal, then Mexico gained a little bit of confidence. In the second half, it was a hectic game. He was even, he was open. Very physical in the middle of the field. Miguel Layún scores this nice second goal, after Chucky Lozano's assist. And then, in the final minutes, Miguel Layún scored the third one, the final for Mexico, with a big mistake of Rúnarsson.

- We said that statistically it was a round night for the Mexican side, still. 65% in possession of the ball. In friendlies, Juan Carlos Osorio ahead of Mexico, against European teams. It was his fifth win, one draw, one loss. The problem is that, in official matches, Osorio has barely won one, tied one, and lost two.