Minnesota United FC vs. Chicago Fire | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Minnesota United FC and Chicago Fire.

ANNOUNCER 1: So after a flattering football display that made many people wonder, can the Loons make it 2 ends in 2 with victory over a Chicago side--

Loons remaining patient. Is this their opening? Ibarra, it's Tyrone Mears. That's a really smart save at the near post by Sánchez. [INAUDIBLE] again. Miguel Ibarra's pulled in. Ibson, what a save at the four, Ibson.

ANNOUNCER 2: --won the defender. There are four red jerseys inside that box. Ibson beats him to the ball. Save off the line by Sánchez, but Ibson with the wherewithal to follow that one through and finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: The fight, just having a fight to go through the ball. Nikolic got something on it. Well, Minnesota United are in contention. They're all down 4 once again.

ANNOUNCER 2: This was almost a case of too many players. Look at-- everybody trying to come back and defend. You've got four gray jerseys there. They end up running into each other.

ANNOUNCER 3: But you remember a little moments. Seeing back-to-back corner kicks there with the scarves up, it is incredible, some of the best atmosphere anywhere.

ANNOUNCER 1: Maybe they'll get loud again here. Send this ball in! Sam Nicholson, the Minnesota gift that keeps on giving. Just look at this place.

ANNOUNCER 2: Absolutely putting this ball on the dime, Miguel Ibarra brings that down cleanly, and eats at Finlay with the overlapping run once--

ANNOUNCER 1: Can they make it 3? Scrambled away, Nicholson [INAUDIBLE], Nicholson!

ANNOUNCER 3: A piece of paper, literally drawing Xs and Os with the shape.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, they'll have some more work to do here. Forward for Ramirez and towards Nicholson. Well, either side are searchers, and that's 3-1.