Montreal Impact vs. Toronto FC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Montreal Impact and Toronto FC.

ANNOUNCER 1: Refereed the last time these teams met at Stade Saputo back in August last year. We're underway at Olympic Stadium. Montreal Impact's home opener, here.

This is Osorio. Some support from Hagglund. And now Osorio finds Giovinco. Giovinco! Just wide of the post. Bush got a touch to it, and it's a corner for TFC.

--match that day, despite the fact they lost.

ANNOUNCER 2: He always thinks he was man of the match.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's Piatti as the Impact try to get something going forward here. He's got Vargas to the right side. Up against Hagglund, it takes a deflection, and the Impact have the opening goal! Five minutes before halftime!

[INAUDIBLE] wriggles away from Aketxe, rolls into the middle. Here's a chance here for Nacho Piatti to bring it down. Must be Piatti! What a block! Hagglund again! The danger not clear just yet as Petrasso hooks it in towards the back post, and van der Wiel clear it away.

Delgado and Hasler will be coming in. We're hearing it will be Hagglund and Aketxe coming off. Here's Taider. Linking with Piatti, it's Taider! Oh, so close! Wonderfully worked by Montreal!

Now Sebastian Giovinco. Giovinco over the top. It's Altidore, well-controlled, and Jozy Altidore puts it wide! Great link-up play between Giovinco and Altidore.

This is Delgado. Giovinco, through for Michael Bradley. Bradley volleys it at Bush who makes the save, put his body behind it.

[INAUDIBLE] other. Montreal with so many bodies back, blocking the way. Delgado finds Jozy Altidore. Lovely turn from Altidore, and saved by Bush! Cleared away by Petrasso!