New York City FC vs. Orlando City SC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full highlights between New York City FC and Orlando City SC.

ANNOUNCER 1: He liked playing in the derby, and now he's going to get a taste of it in an Orlando City jersey. TAG Heuer, the official chronometer of the MLS, getting us underway.

ANNOUNCER 2: And you spoke about that squad, a short squad for Kreis.

ANNOUNCER 1: The ball played back in, Wallace, the header, the post. Back into play, Spector gets that. Danger's not over. It's swung in once again, and Bendik this time takes care of it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great cross. Right here, check this out, Nico. He'll get up, to a certain extent, in an uncomfortable position. Might have been able to have gotten that without jumping. Has to make the maneuver. He modifies in the air. Great--

RJ Allen.

ANNOUNCER 1: The problem is that they're hitting crosses to the smallest man on the pitch and that's--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, what a mistake that time. This could be it, yes! Goal!

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at the pass that's played back to him. Yoshi Yotún, on a bounce, tries to hit his goalkeeper.

ANNOUNCER 2: And now Kljestan, who gave it right back to Saad Abdul-Salaam, going in, Morález!

ANNOUNCER 1: First instance of dangerous collective football. Kljestan loses the ball, pushing that back line back as much as he can.

ANNOUNCER 2: From Maxi Morález, that is your Heineken moment of the game, Nico.

ANNOUNCER 1: Both goals are plays lost out of the back by Orlando, as Orlando gets close. Oof, off the cross bar. Will Johnson creating.