Philadelphia Union vs. Columbus Crew SC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Philadelphia Union and Columbus Crew SC.

ANNOUNCER 1: --in yellow, Philadelphia Union in blue and gold. Match referee, Nima Saghafi. Toyota, let's go places. Visit as the Union kick off against Columbus Crew SC.

ANNOUNCER 2: Steffen moving them again.

ANNOUNCER 1: Medunjanin with the strike, and it's stopped by Steffen. He won't spill that one. Higuaín, Afful, oh, he tucked that one right through. Pedro Santos blocked. Right off the face. Trusty, another shot taken over Blake.

The veteran Higuaín sends it out. Afful tags it. Saved by Blake. Well, that was a bit surprising, the way that all--

Just saw Ray Gaddis into the game for Fabinho. He's playing on the left side, so we'll have to check that out, see if there was any kind of injury or if that was--

Ray Gaddis already in the seventh year with this team. Martinez heading it down. Zardes trying to test Gaddis right away. Zardes right on target. Easy play, though, football--

Good work again defensively from Accam. Up for Herbers, quick shot by Accam and down to stop it was Steffen.

ANNOUNCER 2: That one bounced out to Accam onto his right--

ANNOUNCER 1: Toyota, let's go places. Zardes leaves it off for Valenzuela. Curling ball, Zardes. That was a great chance.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow, all around.

ANNOUNCER 1: Medunjanin ready to strike off the left foot. Near post header. Saved by Steffen. His body was going the other way, nice job.

A little too casual it looked like, but he's so calm there. It's part of his demeanor. Zardes flying. Zardes chased by Trusty. That's a good job by Trusty to maybe alter that shot a little.