Real Salt Lake vs. New York Red Bulls | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Real Salt Lake and New York Red Bulls.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's actually cleared up a little bit. It's still cold, and it's still coming down a little bit. But the visibility was down to about a quarter of a mile earlier today. I was wondering if we're going to be able to see the field from up here.

Rusnák to the top of the 18. And a foul. And that is going to be--

ANNOUNCER 2: It's going to be outside the 18.

ANNOUNCER 1: Just outside the 18.

ANNOUNCER 2: Listen, this was one of the big points of emphasis heading into the season. All of the players knew that pro referees were going to really focus on the tugging and the--

--for Real Salt Lake to start this match off. Watch Carlos Rivas, the number 11, two hands wrapped around.

Albert Rusnák now. Oh, [INAUDIBLE] kick.

ANNOUNCER 1: Luis Robles going the wrong way, and Rusnák has the goal, and RSL has the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: With the use of video review, Ted Unkel points to the spot, and what a delicate little touch with that bright orange ball. Robles goes to his left. Rusnák goes--

ANNOUNCER 1: Bezecourt. Rzatkowski deflected, Horst gets a foot in, and it's shot saver, Rimando. What a save. Bezecourt stung this.

ANNOUNCER 2: Interesting story coming out of Brooklyn Italians and RB2. 24-year-old from France tag--

Especially communication with the fourth official. Nick Rimando good to start this second 45 minutes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bezecourt sends it in. A header-- Rimando pushes it away. Fourth save for Rimando. Oh, and he had to grab that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Iron man in goal. Taking a look at the skip off the surface.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Beckerman reads that ball well. Gets it to Rusnák, Rusnák, Baird. Baird, chip of the keeper. Oh, with one big paw, Robles brings it down.

ANNOUNCER 2: I like this kid.