Sporting Kansas City vs. San Jose Earthquakes | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Sporting Kansas City and San Jose Earthquakes.

ANNOUNCER 1: His pass to Youngbrook was off the mark. Shallow it. Into Russell, Russell into the area. Down he goes in a somersault. And the referee has pointed to the spot. There's the whistle. Illie, 1-0! He's opened his account.

ANNOUNCER 2: --way. Add another foot to that left arm-- foot to the left arm of his and he's not getting that one.

ANNOUNCER 1: But Lima finds himself in space here. Lima puts it in. It's blocked by Zusi then it's pounded in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Zusi just in front of Tim Melia. But a ball finds itself back to Vako. He just pokes it into the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: Illie gives it right back to Zusi Zusi again, trying to get onto his left foot this time. He's going to fire the shot. Graham Zusi for president. With the left foot. Majestic from Graham Zusi

ANNOUNCER 2: And that is no surprise whatsoever, Nate. Graham Zusi one of the most two-footed players on this Sporting--

Kinyarbo, nobody get within yards of him. Look at the one, completely unopposed, close him down.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's a 90 second minute winner for Sword Park Rangers. Well, here's Felipe Gutiérrez firing his shot and beating the keeper.

ANNOUNCER 2: --saying though. Nick Lima's a quality defender. He does not get anywhere near Gutiérrez. You have to keep someone's head down. He doesn't get within two yards of him.

ANNOUNCER 1: There will be four minutes to see this one out for SKC. Intended for Wondolowsi, and what a perfect finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: Somebody with the quality of Wondolowski, what a great finish this is with his left foot. Matt Beasley just couldn't quite get across in time.