Koln can escape relegation with this new confidence in the Bundesliga

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Kate Abdo, Stuart Holden and Ian Joy break down Koln's win over Leverkusen and their ongoing relegation battle.

- Hey, thank you, guys. It has been an incredible weekend in the Bundesliga, particularly in terms of the relegation fight, seeing what Koln have just managed to pull off against Leverkusen-- fantastic.

- It is. It's interesting when you have a scenario where Peter Stoeger has managed this team for a long time. He moves on from a team that just looked completely dead, buried. Every statistic that you want from a Bundesliga perspective against you was Koln. And everybody had already said, well, they're down. Change the manager. Stoeger goes to Borussia Dortmund, is now challenging for the Champions League.

And yet, Koln have come out of this with a fighting chance. And they look revitalized. They look re-energized. And then off the back of two losses where you'd think, "Well, maybe that's it. The new manager effect is out the door," they have this win against a Leverkusen team that have been sensational this season. So that gives me hope and belief that they can actually pull this thing off.

IAN JOY: We've managed to turn a lot of people who are behind the scenes at Fox Sports into Koln fans simply down to the the fact that a billy goat is their mascot. And they certainly don't want to see Koln going down into [INAUDIBLE] Bundesliga. I think Koln have given themself a great opportunity to stay up now, simply down to the form of Wolfsburg, which has been really poor, and they're really struggling to find victories.

And of course, Mainz, who are not a good team to watch right now. There's no confidence in that camp. And Koln right now under Ruthenbeck, to follow up on Stu's point there, there's confidence and belief that they can score goals in every game. That wasn't there under Peter Stoeger. It wasn't there before the winter break. They finally look like there's life back in the Billy Goats yet. And it's making a lot of people happy behind the scenes here at Fox Sports.

- You would have caught many people off guard two weeks ago if you said, well, circle on your calendars Mainz--

IAN JOY: Oh, yeah.

- --against Koln. That's gonna be the big one. But I think it is. If Mainz lose to Koln in that game, then Koln close a three-point gap on them. And then I think what that does psychologically, they'll stay up.

- Yeah, a big chance.

- Yeah, there are some fantastic fixtures coming up. Looking ahead to the games that we've got for you after the international break, our Bundesliga coverage will return on the 31st with Schalke hosting Freiburg on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we've got another doubleheader for you here on FS1, starting with Bremen taking on Frankfurt at 9:00 followed by Mainz and Gladbach (LAUGHINGLY) at 11:30 Eastern. I stumbled over it, but it's definitely worth watching. See you then.