FC Koln vs. Bayer Leverkusen | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Matchday 27 highlights between FC Koln and Bayer Leverkusen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Let's take a look at the highlights of what is a fantastic result for Cologne.

ANNOUNCER 2: It really was. And it got off to a great start in the eighth minute. Leno-- yeah, you can talk about poor goalkeeping, but the way that Cologne approached the game, on the front foot, and they did get a helping hand here-- or elbow, rather, [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah. Very much so. I mean, this one caught by video assistant review, and very well needed in this situation, with the referee producing the yellow initially, then making the correct call for the red card. Well done, [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: And then Aránguiz, what are you doing? And then Leno just gets caught in no man's land. He can't get there. You're not going to fault the goalkeeper for that one, because it's just a poor decision.