Zenit St Petersburg vs. RB Leipzig | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch highlights between Zenit Saint Petersburg and RB Leipzig.

COMMENTATOR 1: Roberto Mancini's men needed to overturn a 2-1 deficit. Let's jump into the highlights.

COMMENTATOR 2: And Timo Werner, the man we highlighted in the pre-match, well, he lived up to the billing today. Nice little move inside, finds Augustin. And I just love that finish, just on the half-turn, has a swing at it, 1-0.

COMMENTATOR 3: Yeah, Zenit was disappointed with their first 45 minutes. I thought they would be very much on the front-foot. But they did get back in the game. This is a wonderful pass at the far post, and they're back in it. And you expect, then, at half time, Mancini to speak to the group of players, make sure they're focused and go-- but the tempo wasn't there. The movement wasn't there. The desire wasn't there.

COMMENTATOR 2: And even though I said Timo Werner lived up to the billing, well, he wins the penalty here. And--

COMMENTATOR 3: Yeah, that's a penalty.

COMMENTATOR 2: It is a penalty, yes-- just. And he steps up, and he misses the strike. He just goes for power right down the middle. And you thought maybe Zenit St. Petersburg were going to get back in this one.

COMMENTATOR 3: Again, good maturity from these Leipzig-- they go away from home, in a difficult environment. I thought they managed the game well. I thought the players that come on, substitutions was good.