Lokomotiv Moscow vs. Atletico Madrid | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch highlights between Lokomotiv Moscow and Atletico Madrid.

COMMENTATOR 1: Meanwhile, the first match of the day took place in Moscow. Interesting one, this one, between Lokomotiv Moscow and Atletico Madrid.

COMMENTATOR 2: Interesting if you're an Atleti fan, because this was an absolute thrashing. Correa was fantastic throughout. Fernando Torres chipped in with 2 goals.

COMMENTATOR 3: What a strike that is. That is much too little too late, but you're right. This truly is a class above. They've got players at home. [INAUDIBLE] swap over personnel, with Fernando Torres playing. And then you've got Griezmann. I mean, they've got abundance of talent going forward.

COMMENTATOR 2: Is this your favorite goal of the day, this one, Correa, or the next one?

COMMENTATOR 3: This one. No, I like this one.



COMMENTATOR 2: Pick that out. Welcome to Russia. We will see you there with France.

COMMENTATOR 3: Don't mess my hair up.