Lionel Messi nutmegs Courtois for his 100th UCL goal | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

Lionel Messi joins Cristiano Ronaldo as the only two players to score 100 goals in the Champions League.

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COMMENTATOR 1: Azpilicueta was under pressure. Suarez running forward. Christensen backs off. Suarez. Lionel Messi takes the touch, Lionel Messi accelerates and for a second time tonight nutmegs Thibaut Courtois!


And the faint flicker of a Chelsea comeback is snuffed out by the King.


He joins Cristiano Ronaldo as the only two men to get to 100 Champions League goals, all of them with Barcelona.


COMMENTATOR 2: And that sums it up right there from Marcos Alonso. Just that deep sigh knowing all the pressure that Chelsea had had, the number of chances they had, and then up steps Lionel Messi time after time.

That slight hesitation where he just drops his shoulder, glides past the defender, and then strike on goal. And you have to question the goalkeeping again, I think Thibaut Courtois should do better here. It's a nutmeg again.

But let's just take a second and enjoy the magician.


Lionel Messi, everybody.


His second goal of the night in Barcelona with a foot fully in the next round now.

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