90′ in 90″ Barcelona vs. Chelsea | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action between Barcelona and Chelsea in just 90 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Second leg in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 underway.

Hazard almost getting an interception, there. Messi trying to come on. Back on his right foot, and he puts it between the wickets of Thibaut Courtois! Needed just over two minutes. That is actually just about the fastest goal Lionel Messi has ever scored in his career.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he's trying to play a one-two here with Dembélé. And it just comes off Alonso. It's an unfortunate bounce. And the in the end, it's poor goalkeeping from Thibaut Courtois. He gets beaten near post, through his legs.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the giveaway, Messi. Not the first touch, the second touch, Azpilicueta trying to recover. Suárez running with him. Messi to the open space. Ousmane Dembélé!

ANNOUNCER 2: Once again, Fabregas gets caught in midfield by Messi. One, two. And then picks his head up, slows down the tempo, a well-weighted path into the path of Dembélé. Takes a touch out of his feet and then smashes that into the roof of the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] Alonso. Alonso! It's off the outside of the frame.

ANNOUNCER 2: Inches wide. Marcos Alonso.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lionel Messi takes the touch. Lionel Messi accelerates. And for a second time tonight, nutmegs Thibaut Courtois!

ANNOUNCER 2: Time after time, that slight hesitation where he just drops his shoulder, glides past the defender, and then strike on goal. And you have to question the goalkeeping again.

ANNOUNCER 1: That'll be it. Fastest goal of Lionel Messi's career. And it is Barcelona who punches the eighth and final ticket in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal.