Atlanta United FC vs. D.C. United | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Atlanta United FC and D.C. United.

COMMENTATOR 1: Had to put that down to lack of opportunity. This is an opportunity for Villalba, with Martinez [INAUDIBLE] forward to support Villalba. Trying to find him, and does!


COMMENTATOR 2: Martinez has blistering pace, right down your throat. And Steve Birnbaum doesn't slide over.

COMMENTATOR 1: Going to do it again. Great work to find Villalba. Gressel, Almirón, lot of time. Almirón!


Well, it was a shot that traveled like a comet.

COMMENTATOR 2: With everyone looking at Joseph Martinez. That's the perfect ball. But that's also the third time we've seen this. When Gressel gets into the final third, he's got the composure to make the right pass. And how's that for the first goal of 2018 for Miguel Almirón.

COMMENTATOR 1: Fun to watch.

COMMENTATOR 2: And by the way, Barco's not even on the field.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. Still to come. Almirón. Oh the header's on target and in!


It's Villalba! Two in two minutes for the five stripes. And they've put the game away.

COMMENTATOR 2: Back four and your goalkeeper to deal with that kind of ball.

COMMENTATOR 1: Jamaican who was actually drafted by Montreal in 2015. Now then, a charge from Mattocks!