New York City FC vs. Los Angeles Galaxy | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between New York City FC and LA Galaxy.

COMMENTATOR 1: Of the club's existence. We he do it again today? And underway. The sky blue shirts, the dark blue shorts for New York City. Los Angeles and the all white.

Shoved aside with play on. And Tinnerholm will do just that to Jesus Medina. Down the right hand side, now working to the top of the box. [INAUDIBLE] Villa. Villa squares across, goes off of Ciani. Out to Tinnerholm. Anton Tinnerholm in the home opener scores first for New York City. It's 1-0.

COMMENTATOR 2: The thunderous volley from Tinnerholm. He had absolutely no hesitation. Put itself into a great position, just to pull the trigger. Bingham's got no chance.

COMMENTATOR 1: Pulls back. Collapsed on by two defenders. Now Feltscher. Pinned in by the touchline. For Lletget. Just a little bit of space, gets by the defender. Lletget across, touched in. What a save by Johnson!

COMMENTATOR 2: That movement off the ball from Ola Kamara was terrific. New York City failed to pick him up. But it's an instinctive reaction from Johnson.

COMMENTATOR 1: Medina. Can he use this space? He does! Touches it around the defender. Now squares it across and-- oh, Ben Sweat misses it but [INAUDIBLE] Villa.

COMMENTATOR 2: No help from his defense. and the last person on Earth that Bingham wants to see stepping up to slot the ball home is David Villa.

COMMENTATOR 1: Makes it across field, Ben Sweat. Now Boateng, opportunity to cross. Puts it low an touched in!

COMMENTATOR 2: Santos. Jonathan Dos Santos, in-- [INAUDIBLE] position, right ahead of Sean Johnson--

COMMENTATOR 1: With the left foot. Ashley Cole brings it down. Pressure from David Villa. And Cole gives it up and then fouls David Villa. This should be a second yellow for Ashley Cole and that means, adios!

COMMENTATOR 2: Cole, just caught off balance. Lost where the ball was. Villa gets away. There's not much contact there.