Can Schalke keep this up in the Bundesliga and get back to the Champions League?

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Kate Abdo, Jermaine Jones and Brian Dunseth discuss Schalke's future in the Bundesliga and abroad.

KATE: Yes, hello. Another Bundesliga weekend is almost in the books. Let's talk about one of the big results this weekend, Schalke winning 1-0 against Mainz. Something that I've heard from you repeatedly this weekend, Jermaine, is that it's not necessarily pretty, but it's result oriented. That they're getting the results that they need right now.

JERMAINE: Yeah, that's true. But that's important. You play for winning games, and it doesn't matter. I've been over there, and I know how it is if you play good soccer at the end you slide out of the championship spot. So right now they're doing an amazing job with a lot of young and talented players. If you look back, they are losing players next season Leo Kreneska, then you don't know what is with Meyer. Then it's like you can see that there comes always good prodigy from the youth teams.

I think that the work they're doing in general and the whole club is amazing. And if they can sit on the second position I think it's just not only from finance-wise perfect. I think it's for the whole club it's important.

BRIAN: And I think the coaching conversation of bright young managers has absolutely changed the conversation with the success of Schalke and integrating younger players into the squad like Wesley McKinney. And, when healthy, is he best served as being a defensive midfielder? Could he potentially slide in and be at center back at some point and continue kind of this well-rounded development?

The project that they are on in real time is being laid out incredibly successful right now in the format. And the differences, outside of Bayern Munich, I think they're getting results at home, and more importantly, being able to take points away from home.

KATE: One thing which Schalke is you often seen is quite an up-and-down club. Do you think that with Tedesco they have a long-term future and they can actually really establish themselves perhaps as one of the top few clubs in Germany?

JERMAINE: Yeah. We have to see what comes next year and how it will go on. I think there've been a lot of coaches already that have the up and downs and then the heartbreaker series of a lot of good games and play constantly Champions League. But you know Schalke is not easy with the crowd and the support. They always sit behind you, but they want to see good soccer.

KATE: Expectations are higher.

JERMAINE: And right now when you're winning games, this is why everybody is happy and they want to go back. They want the championship. But then if you get the case, then the next step comes that they want to see good soccer and they want to enjoy to come And you have to see if the coach can change it and can do it the next season, the soccer in the games which all come to one point. But it will be tough.

BRIAN: And on top of that, now that they're going to qualify for Champions League, what does the depth of the roster start to look like? What does the injections of funds, where are the difference makers? And when you bring in those difference makers, how does that affect, internally, what you're building inside of that locker room? A guy like Wesley McKinney, imagining him in Champions League football at such a young age, is a fantastic opportunity, and which could potentially mimic the expectations we're seeing from Christian Pusilic.

KATE: We do have more Bundesliga for you as well next weekend, as always Friday Stuttgart in action against this time Freiberg on FS2. Then Saturday Frankfurt face Mainz on 2 as well. And Sunday we've got an FS1 double header. Dortmund facing Hanover that at 8:00 in the morning. And then Koln against Leverkusen at 10:30 Eastern. See you then.