Houston Dynamo vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Houston Dynamo and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

ANNOUNCER 1: Eric Alexander bends it towards the corner flag. Always a good option. La Panterita, he's got runners in the box. He'll get it over. Shot, wide. Got a side foot on it.

Trying to copy that fifth minute goal in the opening game. From Alberth Elis, here's Alberth. Knocks it inside. Good place by Martinez. Good ball for Martinez.

Machado, he squares it in the head over the top. That's got to be a goal for Maruo Manotas. It doesn't get any better than that. That delivery from Machado.

Nerwinski is not pressured. He's allowed to cross it. Kamara goes down. You're going to the penalty spot. They allow Nerwinksi to get the delivery in. Hesitates, and scores. Kamara has hit for 100 goals in Major League.

Slips into the box. Look at Martinez with these feet. Martinez, Elis. Alberth Elis is there. La Panterita has scored.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's a great pass initially from Eric Alexander. But how about the composure in that situation of Tomas Martinez to make sure he makes the correct pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Not a bad ball to Kamara. Shane Ellis has got a long touch. Brek Shea out in front of him to make it two here for Vancouver. And he does.

ANNOUNCER 2: For the Dynamo. Sure, very frustrating. But a finish, as you mentioned, by Brek Shea.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pass right on the chest of Romell Quioto. Here's Quioto. First time on the ball for the Dynamo. Bends it into his teammate Elis. Oh, what a turn. What a hit. And what a save.

Garcia again, huge space here. He's been given a lot of space. Linger off the turn, he's robbed again by Marinovic. Stefan Marinovic has pulled two balls out of the corner here, once on Elis, and now on.