Borussia Dortmund vs. Red Bull Salzburg | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between Borussia Dortmund and Red Bull Salzburg.

HOST: Another team that Warren, at some point, God knows, had to have as the favorites.

WARREN BARTON: I'm going to go the other way, now.

HOST: Look at this. This is nice moment, wasn't it? Marc Bartra reunited with his old teammates.

WARREN BARTON: That has coming into work, this is, isn't it? We'll have a little group hug. Yes. You're right.

ANALYST: Especially in the first half. Salzburg had the two best chances. And if not for that clearance there, by Piszczek, that would have been 1-0. And then another one, just a few minutes later, at the end of the first half. And we've been saying this throughout the Bundesliga. That we see Dortmund week in, week out. Even though they've had a couple results under Stoger, I haven't seen the best Dortmund that we saw a couple of years ago when it was Thomas Tuchel. Especially from an attacking perspective.

And here, this one. Toprak gives away the penalty. Even though the pulling starts outside the box, it continues inside, which means that it is a penalty. Step up. And Warren's favorite goalkeeper, Roman Bürki goes the wrong way.

WARREN BARTON: Well, you said maybe they've overachieved in recent weeks. Had the impact of the back line. But they got pulled apart here. Defensively, the midfield areas didn't come back and help. The front three or four, we know their tremendous players. But I've always said, travelling away from home, and the quality, they can put you under pressure. Here's your man.

ANALYST: And then in the 62nd minute, we see Christian Pulisic. A rare sighting at the moment. He's not being favored over Marco Reus, Schürrle, and Gotze in those attacking positions. But he makes an immediate impact on the right side with a good ball. Goalkeeper can't get off the line. And Schürrle gets some type of body part on that, and puts it in.


ANALYST: No, you say it.

WARREN BARTON: Go on. Surely, now.