Atletico Madrid vs. Lokomotiv Moscow | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between Atletico Madrid and Lokomotiv Moscow.

ANNOUNCER 1: --from this game, please, gentlemen.

ANNOUNCER 2: These are the favorites, in my humble opinion.

ANNOUNCER 1: The absolute favorites.

ANNOUNCER 3: Nothing humble about your opinion.

ANNOUNCER 2: When you strike a ball from that--

ANNOUNCER 3: Saul, what a strike this is.

ANNOUNCER 2: Opens up.

ANNOUNCER 3: We were just saying, the defense doesn't even come out and close him down. They keep backing off. And even as he hits this, he slips. From 32 yards out, this has been the best goal of the tournament so far.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, wow.

ANNOUNCER 3: I'm going out on a limb.

ANNOUNCER 2: Man, about time you said something. What a strike that is.

ANNOUNCER 3: Passive aggressive, are you?

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, big words. Talking about big words, big players, Diego Costa. First game, first goal, what a presence he would have. Excellent player.

ANNOUNCER 3: And we were just talking about Atleti's relentless pressure, and just when they get forward, how ruthless they are in those positions. A very comfortable 3-0 victory against Lokomotiv--