90′ in 90″ Tottenham vs. Juventus | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of the second leg between Tottenham and Juventus in just 90 seconds.

- Underway. Second leg in the [INAUDIBLE] Champions League round is 16. [INAUDIBLE] to get there, [INAUDIBLE] but it's into the outside netting.

- Just the burst of speed here, John, for Harry Kane.

- It's [INAUDIBLE] trying to turn the corner, [INAUDIBLE] better be careful! Look at the [INAUDIBLE] players surround--

- Have a look here. Well, that should be-- he went down on that first one. Then I think the referee gives the penalty. It's the fact that he tried to take another step.

- Patiently for Eriksen. He's got [INAUDIBLE] right in front of him. [INAUDIBLE] another great tackle falls [INAUDIBLE] It's in! Tottenham have the goal!

- Instead of going for a striking goal, he just rolls it across. A little double touch from Son, off the right, onto the left foot.

- [INAUDIBLE] there's the ball, [INAUDIBLE] still about a half hour to go when you include [INAUDIBLE] time. Game back on, tie back on! [INAUDIBLE] dropping in. That's [INAUDIBLE]. Paulo Dybala! Goals just minutes apart! And the time completely turned on its head for [INAUDIBLE].