90′ in 90″ Manchester City vs. FC Basel | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of the second leg between Manchester City and FC Basel in just 90 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: And, of course, it's going to be a youthful lineup here today under Pep Guardiola-- nine changes. It's an opportunity for players to impress the manager and Pep Guardiola. 65 million pounds for him. Sane like a hot knife to butter-- [INAUDIBLE] to the back post, to tap in is the [INAUDIBLE]. Gabriel Jesus is in his [INAUDIBLE] Manchester City here in the eighth minute.

[INAUDIBLE] now and a solo run here, falls beautifuly, it's all tied up. Smashed home by Basel.

ANNOUNCER 2: A bit fortunate with the deflection and it goes right to the feet of Elyounoussi. And he does a perfect job at just slamming this right by Bravo. He doesn't have a chance when he's standing 12 yards out.

ANNOUNCER 1: Elyounoussi not for lack of effort here today, he's got a goal for Basel. It's not a bad [INAUDIBLE] scored. He roofed it at the near post. The most unlikeliest of goal scores set up by Elyounoussi.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm not exactly sure what Zinchenko's thinking there. He could have come out and supported to help defend on this and then gets caught with the ball beyond and then just a first time shot, a blast from [INAUDIBLE].


ANNOUNCER 1: Here's the goal score, [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: Let's take a look at this this. This is Jesus coming in hard.

ANNOUNCER 1: So he'll pick up the yellow.

[INAUDIBLE] trying to get turned. It's cleared by Basel. And that's it Basel will get the 2 to 1 win, but it is Manchester City onto the quarterfinal.