Ola Kamara impresses in his debut for LA Galaxy

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Stu Holden's post match thoughts on LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers.

- Well, what do we say every year? Be careful drawing broad conclusions from the opening weekend of MLS. But--

- That's what we do.

- --the LA Galaxy a 2 to 1 win over the Portland Timbers. Are you seeing the seeds of what could be the mighty LA Galaxy comeback this year?

- I think the most important thing that I saw today from this team was some resilience and then a striker that can score some goals. And Ola Kamara-- he gave them a totally different element, and a guy that was holding the ball up. He was running in the channels.

He was providing passes between the lines, and then he got on the end of a ball from Feltscher that was put back into the mixer. But he was in the right place in the right time, and right off the back of missing one from six yards out. So that's a striker that has a short memory, and you have to if you're going to miss chances. But the most important thing, too, is that he was getting chances, and that bodes well for the Galaxy going forward.

- If you're Portland, are you concerned or just frustrated?

- A bit of both. I would be a little bit concerned of how you approach the first half. But I still think in the changes that Giovanni Savarese is trying to do as far as pressing higher up the field, playing a high line, the understanding between the back line and the goalkeeper, they got caught so many times in the first half. And the Galaxy took advantage of that time after time.

That's an adjustment that will be easy for Savarese to identify. It'll take longer to implement, but I still think they need to figure out going forward in how can they get Diego Valeri more involved in their attack.

He's going to find a way to. He's just that good of a player. But they'll look at this game tonight and think well, the last 25, 30 minutes, that's what we need to see going forward.

- Off and running for us at MLS 2018. Galaxy beat the Portland Timbers, 2 to 1 at home.