Houston Dynamo vs. Atlanta United FC | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Houston Dynamo and Atlanta United FC.

ANNOUNCER: And we are on with the first 45 minutes of this one. Thank you so much for being back with us Univision Deportes Network, UDN.

ANNOUNCER: To have a great season as well in this 2018.

ANNOUNCER: Elis gets in behind. This could be it for the Dynamo. This is a goal. This is a goal. This is a goal-- it is.

[INAUDIBLE] get this one. The Dynamo are up on ATL-- Whoa, now.

ANNOUNCER: And there is a clear mistake there by the defense.

ANNOUNCER: Fourth in the west, 10th overall. That should tell you a little bit about how the East [INAUDIBLE]. Manotas is going to win this one, and he's going to have a one-on-one opportunity-- Manotas-- [INAUDIBLE] Guzan in the back-- deflection from Gonzalez Pirez.

Nagbe not about having one, back for-- Manotas was going to be on the one-on-one. Manotas-- Manotas, Pirez, [INAUDIBLE] Manotas with a shot off the left boot is saved by Guzan.

ANNOUNCER: Aye, but Brad Guzan again sends that ball to corner kick. [INAUDIBLE] you're Atlanta, you need to be more solid on defense.

ANNOUNCER: Third corner kick of the game-- second for Houston. Boniek puts it in second [INAUDIBLE].


ANNOUNCER: 23 minutes of play, they are winning at 2-0-- set piece play [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER: Manotas, Elis inside, Wenger has the third-- now the opportunity for Manotas, yes. Goal!

ANNOUNCER: Just the first half. This is just unbelievable. And it isn't that--

LIGA MX biggest game tonight on Univision Sports.

ANNOUNCER: Martinez is on closing in on. Almiron wants it back. Almiron wants it-- oh, Miguel Amiron. What have you just missed?

ANNOUNCER: Miguel Almiron, I don't know what he was thinking. He made the run. He won the position. The cross was perfect by Josef Martinez.

ANNOUNCER: Looking to go inside for Almiron, Wenger has it, opens right. Alberth Elis takes off. There's a man down, advantage given. Manotas closes in on the center. Here's Elis-- has the shot saved by Guzan-- Elis again, again by Guzan.

ANNOUNCER: A little more time to try and get that goal that brings them back to life.

ANNOUNCER: The shot saved from Chris Seitz-- Atlanta lucky to get one back before the end of the first half.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, would have been another clear opportunity to score for Atlanta.

ANNOUNCER: And here's Elis, goes inside-- Elis-- Elis still on. They're [INAUDIBLE] for the fourth safe in the back by Guzan.

ANNOUNCER: Fourth goal-- Oscar Boniek Garcia puts it inside [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, that was close.

ANNOUNCER: With the header.

ANNOUNCER: Comes inside, Guzan was able to get there-- [INAUDIBLE] do the shot, yes.


And we're not at halftime.

ANNOUNCER: Unbelievable, your best player, Brad Guzan--

Close out the game, and surely, you will win the first match of the 2018 season.

ANNOUNCER: Josef Martinez brought down in the box-- [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] Great ball there for Josef Martinez. Martinez gets there first, and the goalkeeper makes clear contact with the [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER: The second 45, Almiron sets up strikes.


He'll miss it. Seitz gets a piece of it and in the post. It is not--

ANNOUNCER: --back [INAUDIBLE] that's Houston time.

ANNOUNCER: 33-34 over 5.

ANNOUNCER: That's it.

ANNOUNCER: That's it.

ANNOUNCER: That's it, Alex. 92 minutes, 7 seconds, ladies and gentlemen, the Houston Dynamo have made a statement in week 1 of this 2018.