FC Dallas vs. Real Salt Lake | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake.

ANNOUNCER: With Santi Mosquera wearing the 11 on his left wing, Michael Barrios on the right wing, and of course, Mauro Diaz--

ANNOUNCER: I know English.

ANNOUNCER: All right, fair. There is Gruezo and Hayes-- Jacori Hayes playing it ahead to Barrios. There's a lot of daylight out there. Let's see if he can cut back in on Glad. Barrios to the outside fires it at Rimando who spills it over the goal line and a corner for FC Dallas.

ANNOUNCER: That's it there. He's got the defense in a bad spot. He's got Justen Glad backpedaling. Glad plays him pretty well and makes him hold up a little bit. He's got two runners at the back post and the [INAUDIBLE] likes to shoot.

ANNOUNCER: Here in 129 matches, so he has proven he can score, often as a substitute before he got here. But now it's pretty much the best option, and there he is for a second. Let's see-- Rimando with a save-- Urruti with a drive. Boy, there has been a couple times already where Real Salt Lake has just lost track of--

ANNOUNCER: They bury themselves in the springtime but were a dangerous opponent late. Now Ruiz has knocked down the ball-- here's Plata. Joao Plata cuts back-- very dangerous here-- shot and goal.

ANNOUNCER: There's the counterattack we talked about, and they ran it to perfection. Off at just the right time, Reggie Cannon with good recovery speed. He's got him there. He just over runs the play.

ANNOUNCER: Joao Plata with 7 goals last year gets his first of the year with a cut-back on Reggie Cannon-- finish--

ANNOUNCER: Limit his angles a little bit.

ANNOUNCER: One more time to Barrios, overlapping Cannon. There he is-- Reggie Cannon. [INAUDIBLE] about to go. Urruti ran down the goal line. One more time, hands on the crossbar.

ANNOUNCER: They're having a word with Robert Sibiga saying was that ball across the line. But the [INAUDIBLE] they're going to see that that one was not across the line.

ANNOUNCER: Everything but score on that occasion-- Rimando right off the goal line and then Hayes with a crossbar. Look at that.

ANNOUNCER: A lot of ways they were OK-- 18 to 18. They just have to clean up a couple of things really in both sixes.

ANNOUNCER: Oh the flag stays down here. Here's Barrios-- has a chance to equalize, cuts back on Glad. And it's shot deflected at the last second. It looks like Rimando got a piece of it.

ANNOUNCER: That's a terrific ball there for Mauro Diaz. Michael Barrios' timing is run expertly, gets it over to his prefer-- his not preferred left food. And then he just couldn't beat--

ANNOUNCER: And play along the touchline, and here's Urruti. Now Urruti darts in. Can he get a shot off? Ho! Shot and a goal is it. Goes off Marcello Silva-- Urruti with great conviction firing it at the goal.

ANNOUNCER: That's what a striker has to do. Look, it's not a good angle, but he does have a player to back post. He knows if he shoots back post, he might get a deflection.

He might get a goalkeeper, leaving a rebound in a back spot. That's just a goalkeeper-- I'm sorry, that's a striker doing what he does. It's a defender right there, as we see, with just a-- just into the game, just a little bit of a bad position.

ANNOUNCER: That's a heck of a play by Urruti, though. Because if Silva's mad at himself, Rimando may not be thrilled, but Colman is right there at the back post.

And there's a whistle. They will split the points-- FC Dallas, 1, Real Salt Lake, 1.