Orlando City SC vs. DC United | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Orlando City SC and DC United.

ANNOUNCER 1: So much to look forward to in 2018 and it's here. It's started. We're underway, DC United, Orlando City SC.

Amro Tarek is marking. Mattocks-- a little dance, a little step, slaloming through, calls for a handball. It's set aside. He goes down. Ulises Segura right and in the face of Sutter. It will be a throw in for DC United. But United thought it should have been a PK.

--right, so let's see. Popcorns off Will Johnson.

ANNOUNCER 2: --hit his hand. His hand's against his body though-- if it did hit his hand, I'm not exactly sure--


ANNOUNCER 2: Real time, I didn't think it was a penalty.

ANNOUNCER 1: --shoot on the goal defended by Joe Bendik. Mattocks, the approach, the shot-- oh, off the crossbar. Off the crossbar.


Asad sending this in-- oh, it's in the net! It's in the net. It's in the net. Goal, DC United. Welcome to 2018.

ANNOUNCER 2: --out and get it. Bodies in front of him, no one-- maybe Birnbaum touches it, I'm not sure.

ANNOUNCER 1: Segura trying to wiggle into position. Yotun, the release-- PC-- and we have a knock heads between PC and Yamil Asad.

And it's going to be a red, maybe. Let's see. Yep. So PC is out.

Let's see what happened here as PC goes up-- wow.

Sutter's marking Asad. Mattocks out, Segura gets forward. Segura spanks it, shoots, and a save, Bendik! Oh, Ulises Segura started the whole sequence and he almost finished it with a goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: Got time and space, picks up his heads, strikes it well.

ANNOUNCER 1: --here has been terrific. Ahead to Meram. Justin Meram. Meram-- still Meram, slow by Birnbaum. This is Mueller. Chris Mueller, the rookie in his MLS debut.

Getting back Arriola, Mohamed El-Munir getting ahead to Meram. Meram-- back post, looking for Mueller-- oh, coming through that's Brillant, who saves it up the line as Yotun had a real chance there.

Well, you see Meram with the cross. And Yotun comes through and Brillant also comes through.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's going back where it comes from.

ANNOUNCER 1: --to watch for it. They did it once where everyone's over on the left and they do a quick switch to the right side, that becomes a problem. This is Justin Meram right in the center. Meram rifles it wide.

Turn on the overlap, Johnson trying to center it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Play Mattocks. Let him run.

ANNOUNCER 1: Durkin defends it. Now ahead to Mattocks. Mattocks between two defenders-- El-Munir tracking back and he does get a boot on it. Mohamed El-Munir, amazing run, an amazing touch.

Spector-- Meram, challenged by Durkin-- still Meram, sliding it ahead for Spector. Pinho-- it's in the net, and a goal, and Orlando has equalized. Orlando is equalized. Spector getting involved in the offense and Orlando may have a valuable point.

ANNOUNCER 2: --of a savvy winger. Finds a foot--

ANNOUNCER 1: It's been an eventful night and it will end all square. Orlando City down to 10 men, fight back for a 1-1 draw with DC United.