San Jose Earthquakes vs. Minnesota United FC | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between San Jose Earthquakes and Minnesota United FC.

- Fantastic [INAUDIBLE] You can pick him out. The 48-year-old referee man in the middle tonight, and we are underway, regular season for the Earthquakes and Minnesota United FC. Erickson trying to get clear of Sam Nicholson. For Wondolowski, the shot! Oh, wide of the near post. Just a little flick on.

- Action on the bench for Minnesota. They might be looking to make a sub here soon.

- Danladi coming off a season where he scored eight goals, was second to Julian Gressle of-- there's a shot! Oh wow! Danny Hoesen! How innocent that was! And how beautiful! The Quakes go up 1-nil!

- Just quality by Vako. Gets his head up, finds Hoesen open.

- Six regular season games. It only took him 27 minutes to get on the board. And the Quakes still looking for more. Here's the cross. Hoesen, Vako! Bang! 2-nil!

- Love this finish, and I've got to give some credit again to Danny Hoesen. This is what I call a goal by good defending. Watch that near post run. This is the run that creates the space for Vako.

- [INAUDIBLE] asking for on these attacking four.

- Past the half hour mark, in swinger for Erickson! Off the post! Hoesen, deflection. This is Nicholson. With some space. There's the shot, turned aside by Tarbell. With Ramirez just at the edge of that six yard box. A lot of pressure, back for Erickson. Nice give and go. Danny Hoesen, shot! Oh wow! A brace for Hoesen. 3-nil, Earthquakes!

- It's just wonderful, [INAUDIBLE] in and out, off of Vako once again. And then the movement from Danny Hoesen.

- Molino. Findley. Molino! And Tarbell, I don't know how that didn't go in! Ramirez was right there. He doesn't know how he didn't score.

- It's obviously the smart thing to do.

- Wondolowski, Hoesen for Vako. He's got Erickson to his right. Erickson moving in. On his left foot, near post! Nearly slid it past Lampson.

- [INAUDIBLE] went into the near post. He was trying to go far side.

- So a little chill in Northern California's going to be fine, as Molino moving in. The shot! And Molino scores. Well, it was a matter of time. He'd been sharking around for a while. [INAUDIBLE] it's 3-1.

- It's the slip here. I think it's Jimmy Ockford that went down and it put everybody--

- [INAUDIBLE] after the blow by Molino just moments ago, continuing to put pressure on. A minute 85. Molino looking for another one! That one is in the back of the net. He just turned, picked a corner, and it's 3-2.

- [INAUDIBLE] coming after to close that space out quick enough. Ockford didn't get there in time. Looks like they dug deep and have come out with a massive victory in the first game of the 2018 season at home here at Avaya Stadium.

- All Andrew Tarbell has to do is put it into play, and there it is! A Quakes victory on opening night, 2018.