Philadelphia Union vs. New England Revolutions | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Philadelphia Union and New England Revolution.

- League games on loan. Two starts in the preseason. Did well, earned his spot. Cody Cropper back in New England with an illness. But word out of the camp is that Turner would have started anyway. Now, this is Pinea. Holds up top of the area. The Ecuadorean now finds Agudelo, takes a touch, in on goal, tight angle, saves. Follow up now for Gundes, and it's blocked. Good opportunity by the Reds, go begging. And now, Juan came back from an off side position.

- A bit of a find this for Jim Curtin.

- Dielna intercepts and then gives it away. Herber centers, a calm. Takes an extra touch, drives it, saved by Turner, followed by Bedoya. Oh! It's a bomb! Misses a center there.

- Wow.

- --fire with all this [INAUDIBLE] which is perfectly fine to air the attack. But as I said earlier just protect him. Oops--

- Oh that could be trouble.

- Oh dear.

- Delamea takes down Sapong.

- It's a red card. I think the referee's got it right. It's a shame for the New Revolution because the Revs have competed very, very well. Ball over the top. And there it is. I don't think there's any doubt in anybody's mind that that's a red card.

- Referee Vasquez was going to his breast pocket, which usually indicates a yellow. But you can tell he's listening. Oh now he's going back pocket.

- Yup.

- And Delamea sent off. 24th minute, the Revs go down a man.

- Another discussion. And finds it's nowhere near 10 yards.

- You can tell from the penalty spot. Curler! Ooh. That was a laser. Just wide of Nat Turner's right post as he faced out. And the Revs get a lead off in that respect. And so the Revs are going to make a change. [INAUDIBLE] coming in. There's a rip here.

- Absolutely key. Yes, it's hard work, and it's the horrible side of the game but you got to do it.

- Out swing, cross, and now a shot, another save by Turner. This better than the last one as Herbers really stung that volley. [INAUDIBLE] and Charlie Davies. Congratulations Charlie Davies on a great career. Attacking play here could result in something, and it does. 1-0.

- From Fontana, [INAUDIBLE] that was a killer. The killer--

- Experience. Herber's under pressure, loses it. Somy with a good steal. Here's Bunbury racing at the defense with the ball still going. Uncorks the shot! And a great save by Blake and the shutdown streak against the Revs continues.

- Overcome. We've seen a destroyed defenses for--

- Burke was taking a lead there like a player trying to steal second base against a turn on Somy. Keeps his balance. Squares [INAUDIBLE] two! Finally, Sapong turns it on goal and in, and doubles the Union advantage. The fans at the River End celebrate with the player.

- She here it is again. Just have a look at this. He gets a little bit too tight. Somy just gets rolled. Burke across.

- Haris Medunjanin this time, beats the wall but not the keeper because he couldn't get it down and on the target. That stride. Gets around Dielna. And this may be a sending off, which would be disaster for the Revs. And that means they're going to be missing two center backs next week for the home opener. It had to be.


- He has no no options.

- And the referee let him get away with one earlier, Brad, by the way. It's a yellow card all day long.

- Yup. But you would think also, Sweden in some respects is closer to MLS with the athleticism and the mix of players that they have there. And he's played some international football for Syria. But, it's an adjustment period, a difficult one for the Revs. And they fall in their season opener, 2-0 to the Philadelphia Union.