SC Freiburg vs. Bayern Munich | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between SC Freiburg and Bayern Munich.

ANNOUNCER 1: --points clear. Let's check out the highlights. It was a training ground performance, but they put themself under pressure early on. This should have been a goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, this was a rare opportunity they need to take advantage of if they were going to have any chance against Bayern Munich. But give credit to Ulreich. He does make a terrific save. This is a good ball in. Does all the right things, but a good save by Ulreich.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wonderful save. Muller should have done a little bit better. He will be disappointed, because in the 25th minute, they find themselves a goal down.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, just watch this ball by Hummels. Doesn't even have to get it out of his feet. But perfectly weighted. Thomas Muller just sneaking out the back post. Second time around. Gets a bit lucky, but when it's going for you here-- going to go down as an own goal, but one-- the ball was a wonderful delivery, the timing of the run, and as you said, in cruise control.

ANNOUNCER 1: Three minutes later, a stunner from Tolisso.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, and that's a terrific ball by Thiago, but he sets it up beautifully. And what a strike that is. He hits it perfectly, top corner. Tolisso really trying to make an impact to get in that French squad.

ANNOUNCER 1: Third goal of the season for Tolisso. We go to the 54th minute, and of course, Bayern Munich got their third goal of the game.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, they wasn't sure whether it was going to be a handball. But again, Thomas Muller with delivery, gets in again. And Wagner, second time-- actually scuffs it with his-- he misses the first time, but tucks it away. They have a little look, doesn't take long-- 20-odd seconds. Hits the thigh. Good decision. Didn't take too long. Put it in there, second time. Watch this-- misses it. Oh, put it in with my left foot.

ANNOUNCER 1: That was Bayern Munich's 1,500 away Bundesliga goal--

ANNOUNCER 3: This season? This season?

ANNOUNCER 1: Sandro Wagner, he made it 4-0.

ANNOUNCER 2: And it shows everything-- Muller, we spoke about him at halftime, how smart, intelligent, his timing, his movement. Everybody was sleeping. Makes a run.

ANNOUNCER 3: I said a year ago, that might have hit his knee and gone off, but now he's in form, and his, obviously, concentration was excellent.

ANNOUNCER 1: But now--