Which teams will face relegation in Bundesliga this season?

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Is the relegation battle over for FC Koln and Hamburg SV?

IAN JOY: Hey welcome in. Bundesliga match day 25 just wrapped up, and Jovan Kirovski's been giving me a lot of stick for this jacket, but I think I'm just too good to be true. You can't take your eyes off of me.

Terrific weekend. We witnessed Cologne going down, however. And it looks like Cologne have actually put themselves into a situation where there's no return. Jovan Kirovski?

JOVAN KIROVSKI: It's a difficult situation, for sure. They've had a good run after the winter break where you thought maybe there's some hope. I still think they have hope to be that 16th place, that playoff spot, but it looks--

WARREN BARTON: They've got two hopes. They got no hope and Bob Hope. After losing to Stuttgart, and their performance, the players lying on the field, although the other coach tried to rally them, get them together. And as Jovan rightly said, since their [INAUDIBLE], they've had a great run, but they're still bum. And they're still points-adrift.

IAN JOY: Especially when we're losing games at home, making mistakes in front of your own supporters. Never a good thing. But which team will join Cologne in the relegation zone. You think the bottom three will see Cologne in that relegation playoff spot, so who will go down?

JOVAN KIROVSKI: I think for sure Hamburg, the way they performed this season. Every year seems like they're fighting to stay up, but this is the year they go down. Just poor performances overall. The team is just not that good. The squad isn't good. Tough time.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah, the two that are there, I think they go down. Cologne, as much as they're going to fight and scrap-- and they are going to go right the way. Today, Hamburg just looked like they've accepted defeat. They've been flirting, as I said, last two, probably three years in that relegation zone. They're running out, like losing is becoming a habit. Winning is a habit. For them, losing is a habit. And unfortunately for a team that's never been relegated, I think that's a worry for them this year.

IAN JOY: I'm with you, Warren Barton. I think that it finishes exactly where it is right now.

WARREN BARTON: Well that worries me, like your jacket.

IAN JOY: Bottom of the table. Hamburg, second bottom of the table. And I think Mainz is going to--

WARREN BARTON: Now touch this.

IAN JOY: That's-- it's on fire! More Bundesliga action starts Friday as Schalke head to Mainz on FS2. Then, on Saturday it's Leverkusen and Borussia Monchengladbach who face off, while Sunday it's Borussia Dortmund and Frankfurt in a cracker. And finally Werder Bremen and Cologne finish the round Monday with a relegation implication on the line. I.