Toronto FC vs. Columbus Crew SC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch opening day highlights between Toronto FC and Columbus Crew SC.

- And the 23rd Major League Soccer season is about to get underway. Toronto FC begin the defense of MLS Cup here as they open up against Columbus Crew for our tour. Our tour looking to switch it to that left side for Valenzuela. Well done by Valenzuela. It's Higuain! What a score from Higuain! I thought Bono had kept it out. He got a hand to it.

- Valenzuela, a young Argentinian, not a great first touch. But a magnificent second touch. And there's Higuain. Always has the quality. Drifts in late. The timing of the run's perfect. Bradley can't get back to him. Strikes it well. Alex Bono gets a hand to it, but can't stop it going into the net.

- Not that wins and losses in pre-season are ever indicative really of what you could expect when the real thing gets underway. But Columbus with a pretty good showing so far as Pedro Santos plays an [INAUDIBLE]. It's two for Columbus! [INAUDIBLE] Field silenced!

- Starts really deep on the right hand side with [INAUDIBLE]. And probably the most creative point in the goal with Pedro Santos just plays a sublime pass to Gyasi Zardes. Talked about him trying to go off and running after. A [INAUDIBLE] couple season in LA. He gets his goal. His movement's been good. Cristian Martinez, way too wide. Chance here. Delgado, into the path of Giovinco, who's on side. It's Sebastian Giovinco [INAUDIBLE] was there, but so were two crew players. And that just about sums up TFC's day.

- You took the words right out my mouth. Was just going to say the exact same thing. That just about sums it up. Great opportunity. The one player you want to be on the ball driving towards goal, chooses the wrong option. Just not been TFC's days. They will have a lot of better days at this stadium. But not today. It's just not going to happen.

- Whipped it towards Mavinga. And Toronto FC's title defense begins with defeat at home against Columbus Crew.